My work

Petroglyphs at Three Rivers, New Mexico

This is a small sampling of my multimedia work. I’ve also written white papers, strategic plans, annual reports, grant reports, speeches, FAQs, commentaries and op-eds, brochure copy, newsletters, social media posts, fiction, creative non-fiction, restaurant reviews, travel guides, curriculum, and countless to-do lists.

Let’s start with a few videos:Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 2.42.55 PM

Hawaii GMO Papaya: Real Solutions, Real Lives

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 2.47.20 PM

Hawaii faces climate change

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 2.49.41 PM

Pursuing a Dream: Tackling Climate Change and Soil Salinity


Genetically engineered animals face daunting regulatory process

Changing minds about GMOs

European studies disprove Seralini’s maize tumor claim

Restoring a forest with blight-resistant GMO chestnut trees

Rebirth of a Hawaiian Forest 

Race against time: Resurrection plants

AquaBounty: GMO pioneer

A bird in the hand: Raising endangered Hawaiian birds

Cut to the bones: Hawaii’s handling of ancient burials comes under fire

Over the hedge: Protecting Hawaii’s beaches

Battle in the taro patches: A Hawaiian farmer’s land use struggles

Dammed for All Time?

Our Disappearing Nurses

Abuse Chronicles: 20-part investigative series on Kauai’s vacation rentals


Kauai Eclectic: I wrote this blog for 10 years and got nearly 3 million views

Resource materials:

10 Myths About GMOs

10 Things Everyone Should Know about GMOs in Africa

Alliance for Science brochure

Radio programs:

Reforming drug laws

Kauai’s vacation rental fiasco